Watch our 2022 Our Year launch film

“We can’t change our past, but we can change our future.”  This film is an introduction to 2022 Our Year from Joanne Roney, Chief Executive of Manchester City Council. Hear from young people and youth workers on the impact that the pandemic had, what’s important to them and how businesses in Manchester can help make a better future for the children in our city.

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Our ambition: 2022 and beyond

2022 Our Year is an important step on the journey towards becoming a UNICEF UK Child Friendly City

Child Friendly Cities is a programme that works with councils to put children’s rights into practice. The programme aims to create cities and communities in the UK where all children – whether they are living in care, using a children’s centre, or simply visiting their local library – have a meaningful say in, and truly benefit from, the local decisions, services and spaces that shape their lives.

It’s Manchester’s ambition to be a truly child-friendly city – a place where:

  • children and young people feel heard, valued, supported – and can enjoy life to the fullest
  • all our communities are included in the life of the city, no matter their age, ethnicity, gender, disability, sexuality, faith or socioeconomic background
  • all of our young people have access to a good quality education, are supported to be work-ready, and to thrive at all stages of their life
  • the rights of every child are realised and where the most vulnerable and disadvantaged have equal opportunities to thrive